What happens if you’ve suffered damage to your boat and need to make an insurance claim?
December 5, 2023

What happens if you’ve suffered damage to your boat and need to make an insurance claim?

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Experiencing damage to your boat can be a distressing situation, but having the right insurance coverage can provide a safety net for such unforeseen events. When a boat owner needs to file a claim for damage, a series of steps unfold to assess the incident, determine coverage, and ultimately provide compensation for the loss.  Having an experienced broker such as Topsail can be invaluable to assist you.

The first and most crucial step is to promptly report the incident. This initial communication is essential in setting the claims process in motion. Boat owners are generally required to provide detailed information about the incident, including the date, time, and nature of the damage. Additionally, submitting supporting documentation such as photographs, witness statements, and obtaining an estimate for repairs. Some insurance companies will insist on a minimum of two estimates.

Once the claim is reported, the insurance company assigns an adjuster to investigate the damages. The adjuster plays a pivotal role in assessing the extent of the loss, determining whether the incident falls within the policy coverage, and evaluating whether any estimates are fair and reasonable. This may involve a physical inspection of the boat by an appointed expert, gathering statements from involved parties, and a review of any documentation provided by you as the boat owner.

The adjuster’s role is to establish the facts of the incident and determine the liability involved. For instance, if the damage resulted from a collision with another boat, the adjuster will assess the liability of each party involved. This investigation is crucial in determining the fair and accurate outcome.

After completing the investigation, the insurance company will present a settlement offer to the boat owner. This offer outlines the amount the insurer is willing to pay to cover the damages, taking into account the policy’s coverage limits and the deductible / excess. The boat owner then has the option to accept the settlement or put further arguments forward to support their case.   Again having an experienced broker such as Topsail working for you can help to understand whether a settlement offer is fair and reasonable.

Once an agreement is reached, the insurance company are normally happy to pay the compensation either directly to the repairer or to yourself as the boat owner if you’ve already settled the repair costs yourself once they’ve received the final invoices or receipts. During the settlement of larger claims Insurers are normally happy to make interim payment or deposit payments to repairers.

In conclusion, when faced with damage to your boat, the claims process involves reporting the incident, an investigation by an insurance adjuster, the presentation of a settlement offer, and potential further evidence gathering. Topsail are here to use their experience to guide you through what can be a once in a lifetime process and are help to make sure you’re navigating this process successfully and ultimately obtaining fair compensation for the damages incurred. If you require a quote, you can submit an enquiry online

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