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Najad Owners Association

10% Topsail discount
10% Topsail discount
10% Topsail discount
10% Topsail discount
10% Topsail discount
10% Topsail discount
10% Topsail discount
10% Topsail discount
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Founded in 1971, the Najad shipyard has built more than 2000 boats over a period of 40 years, all tailored to the owners’ needs and preferences. With an uncompromising approach to design and construction, Najad has become one of the most respected brands in the sailing world.

The Najad Owners Association welcomes members old and new. Share your experiences and sailing stories with other Najad Yacht owners. Seek technical advice in the Members Forum. Read the comprehensive collection of Najad reviews. A one-stop site for all Najad owners or anyone thinking of buying a Najad Yacht.

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Topsail are pleased to be supporting the Najad Owners Association.


Pleased to be able to cover Vessels cruising worldwide. Whether you are navigating your way around the Mediterranean, or fancy a round the world trip, we have you covered.

  • 5% discount from Topsail.
  • 5% discount from insurer (where applicable).
  • Free Protected No Claims Bonus (where applicable).
  • Free marine legal expenses cover (where applicable).
  • Standard cruising range (where requested) – All coastal and inland waters contained within an area not North of 62 degrees North, not South of 35 degrees North, not West of 12 degrees West and not East of 30 degrees East – your European cruising area offered by us as standard.

Key benefits can include:

  1. Singlehanded sailing covered as standard (see policy for full details).
  2. £/€5m Third Party Liability cover.
  3. Option to protect your No Claims Bonus.
  4. Option to purchase Excess Waiver cover, meaning no excess is payable in the event of a claim.
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Whether you require cover for a one off trip, or plan to be away for an extensive period, our single and annual multi-trip polices offer you peace of mind when you need it the most.

10% Topsail discount.

Key benefits can include:

  1. Maximum 12 months away any one trip and annually renewable thereafter.
  2. Medical and Repatriation cover.
  3. UK and Europe or Worldwide cover available.
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