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Boat Insurance

Topsail have been specialists in boat insurance for nearly 30 years. Our boat insurance provides coverage to many types of boats, sea-going vessels, and other craft. We’re confident that we have a boat insurance policy to suit your vessel type.

We can insure a range of different crafts, depending upon your needs. This can include insurance for yachts, keel boats, RIBS, river boats, inland cruisers, narrowboat and small day boats, along with many more.

Boat insurance is there to offer financial protection if there's an incident with your vessel. Our boat insurance covers everything from accidental damage to your boat, third party liability, fire, malicious damage and theft. Your cover and the policy cost will depend on the type of boat insurance you need.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise of the marine industry, thanks to many years of experience. This means that we can find the perfect boat insurance to meet your needs. Our friendly, supportive staff will make it easy for you to find the policy that you want quickly, giving you peace of mind. Get in touch with Topsail today for further information on our services.

Check out our boat insurance FAQ's to learn more about how boat insurance works.

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