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October 20, 2022

Why should you buy travel insurance?

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Whilst we all are hoping for stress-free holidays and travel, sometimes things don’t go to plan – especially if you are sailing! You could find yourself in a situation where it is more difficult to seek help out at sea, or where you are experiencing damage to your sailing vessel, for example. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase travel insurance and protect not only yourself whilst you are away, but also the cost of your trip and your personal belongings too.

In addition, emergency travel insurance policies can often be extended to include your pre-existing medical conditions, as well as potentially offering optional extras such as winter sports or extended personal effects cover.

Whilst travel insurance is not legally required, some countries may require you to purchase a policy before being allowed to enter the country. If you are travelling in Europe you might feel content with the UK Global Health Insurance card (GHIC), but be aware – this does not cover pre-existing conditions, or repatriation to the UK for medical care. Therefore, you should consider how this compares with a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

As we all know, the main benefit of travel insurance is the emergency medical expenses section – this details what cover you have in the event you are in a medical emergency.

This can include a large amount for medical expenses, such as £5,000,000 – and this normally includes repatriation too. Don’t underestimate the costs of treatment received overseas; a hospital stay in the USA and repatriation back to the UK could definitely exceed £100,000.00! This is why it is so important to consider buying travel insurance before travelling.

In addition to the medical section, there is also often cover included for your personal items – this can cover loss, theft or damage of your belongings, bank cards or money. There will likely be both an overall benefit limit, say of £3,000 for example, and also a single item limit, for example £500.00.

Another section that offers a great benefit is the Cancellation cover that is often included under a travel insurance policy. This offers cover against the loss of your holiday before you depart on your trip – therefore, if you end up having to cancel your trip shortly beforehand, you may be able to reclaim the costs. This could include situations such as a medical problem, a bereavement or being required to perform a public service, such as jury duty.

It is really important to ensure you fully understand the policy terms, as there are always conditions and exclusions in any insurance policy. For example, under the personal belongings section, you may be required to report a theft to policy within 24 hours and provide a police report to insurers. In addition, there are often general exclusions that apply to the whole policy. For example, most insurers will not cover you for travel to countries advised against by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

You can find out more about our Yachtsman’s Travel insurance online and can even purchase cover instantly in many cases.

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