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March 2, 2023

What is Third Party Only Insurance on boats?

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Third Party Only Boat Insurance is a type of boat insurance that solely protects against potential liabilities that could arise as a result of you owning a boat. Sometimes this type of cover is also known as Basic Boat Liability or Marine Liability Insurance.

What does Third Party Only Insurance cover?

When you own a boat, you still have a responsibility to other people. They can be friends or family on board, others that you may cause injury to, or property owned by other people – including other boats that are on the water.
Third Party Only Insurance usually provides a limit of £5,000,000 cover in the UK, to protect you. Always check your policy to confirm the limit of cover.

£5,000,000 Third Party Liability seems a lot?

We never like to think of the worst happening. Whilst we hope it never happens, people have suffered life changing injuries on boats. If it’s found that you’re legally liable, the £5,000,000 Third Party Liability would help cover any claim against you.

Is Third Party Only Insurance a legal requirement?

In many countries, Third Party Only Insurance is not mandatory, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need it. Sometimes it can be a requirement of a boat license, mooring authority, or required as a mooring condition in individual marinas.

At Topsail we’d recommend that you look to purchase Third Party Only Insurance as a minimum to protect your interests.

What types of boats qualify for Third Party Only Boat Insurance?

Our team can help you arrange boat insurance for a huge amount of various vessel types. If your passion is a vessel with a sail, we can cover anything from a small sailing dinghy up to an ocean cruising yacht. If you prefer the gentle chug of an engine, we can cover anything from a little river cruiser on the canals up to a powerful motor cruiser in the Mediterranean.

Is Third Party Only Boat Insurance easier to obtain that Comprehensive Cover?

The simple answer is yes. One of the main reasons that people purchase Third Party Only insurance is that it is normally available without the requirement to have an existing or new boat survey carried out on your vessel. Some people regard this as an unnecessary and needless expense especially when they’re boating on a budget or own an older vessel.

Is Third Party Only Boat Insurance cheap?
We’d be delighted to offer you a quotation for your boat insurance. At Topsail, we try hard to get the cost of any of the policies that we sell as competitive as possible. If you’d like a quotation, you’ll find our online form quick and easy.

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