Perros Guirec
December 20, 2022

Top 5 sailing destinations in Northern France

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Northern France is known for its incredible coastline. So, here’s our top 5 sailing recommendations you need to visit when out in your boat!

Why choose North France as your next sailing destination?

France is best known for its beauty and has become an extremely popular tourist destination for many around the world. With impressive architecture and breath-taking landscapes, the French coastline is a particularly beautiful part of France, full of great sights and filled with rich culture; a must visit for all.

We offer a standard cruising range, which includes as far as Northern France (vessel’s 25ft and over); meaning you’d be able to go as far South as the gorgeous coastal city of Brest! To help you with making the most of your Topsail cruising range, here are our top 5 favourite sailing destinations in Northern France


Brest is a stunning city on the Western coast of France. Situated in the region of Finistere, Brittany, it has been a major port city for centuries and is rich in maritime history. Home to a number of sightseeing must-haves, such as the Château de Brest, Tour Tanguy and the Musee National de la Marine, you certainly won’t find yourself bored whilst visiting.

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Perros-Guirec is a lovely seaside town that attracts a lot of tourism each year. It has fantastic sandy beaches and is a good spot to try out some new water sports. This area is famous for its pink granite rocks, which have shaped into various natural shapes and patterns along the coastline. This is a fantastic natural beauty hotspot and makes Perros-Guirec a lovely place to add to your sailing itinerary.

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Saint-Malo is a stunning walled city on the North coast of France. It is rich in history, and the architecture of the walls and houses makes it a town you can’t afford to miss. No other destinations in our top 5 are home to such a unique attraction as that as the Saint-Malo’s walls, it makes this destination a very different, yet none the less, incredible stop to make. Also, offering stunning views of the sea, and a few sandy beaches, why would you not want to take a trip here?

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Le Havre

The UNESCO world heritage site of Le Havre is simply a must visit, and not every city is worthy of a title like that. Bringing in many tourists each year, Le Havre is full of French culture and has plenty of amazing spots to visit for all. Filled with modern post-war architecture, this makes a nice change to some of the more historic destinations, as you have a chance to see the more modern side of France.

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This is a world-famous city and remains a very popular tourist hotspot, with a very rich culture that combines both the French and Belgian cultures. And we believe that Dunkirk has plenty to offer; whether that is the fascinating WW2 history, or enjoying some amazing French food and architecture, it is worth a trip across the Channel for a few days.

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Do you have a favourite sailing destination you’d like to share with your fellow boaters?  So, we have told you our top 5 destinations in Northern France, but do you have any others?

Contact us Facebook or on our website with your top sailing destination. We will enjoy sharing your recommendations with our community.

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