RIB's in the ocean
September 29, 2022

Last week was the Southampton Boat Show!

Topsail News

Our Directors Chris and Nigel attended the show again this year, visiting brokers and companies we work with – it’s always great to catch up and see some old faces.

In addition to Chris and Nigel, our new team members Jake and Antonio also both attended the show, for the first time this year. See what they had to say below.


It was my first time going to the Southampton boat show, so it was fantastic to see lots of different boats in person. As I only get to hear about all our clients amazing boats and don’t often get to see a photo, it was great to be up close to loads of different yachts, motorboats, Ribs and different types of vessel.

It’s great that you can freely wander onto most boats and check out all the amazing interiors, so you can get a feel of how well designed these boats are. We were really lucky to be allowed onto some of the large
Sunseeker vessels – these were such amazing boats with an incredible interior, it was definitely an experience to be allowed on board. After checking out all the boats it was really nice to then meet some of our insurers, brokers and underwriters we work with and to have a proper catch up in person for the first time. Overall it was a great experience and would definitely love the opportunity to go again in the future.


Whilst visiting the boat show we explored through a variety of vessels, equipment & gear and got to experience in depth conversations surrounding boating life.

To start, we watched a
presentation performed by a year round yacht racer who spoke on his experiences being out at sea all year round for a majority of his life and how his view of the world is vastly different from most. He also spoke on the environment and how changes have come around as things worsen with water & sea life pollution, which is of course a really important issue in the marine industry.

We also spoke with the producers of a really interesting product which essentially negates lightning from striking an area of land where their product is set up. This product was highly supported by huge names & locations, but is not yet seen too often in the boating world – it’s a market they wish to enter as there is of course huge concerns in the insurance world with lightning damage. This was amazing to see and learn how technology such as this is becoming available.

We had the pleasure of networking and socialising with other insurance companies. Chatting with them about things beyond the work life was a breath of fresh air and it was nice to get on the same page. We enjoyed visiting some of the largest yachts to offer at the convention and the treat of the day was being invited onto the 75 & 88 foot Sunseeker Yacht’s. They were gloriously designed with the best interior and exterior work on the market.
A large white boat is in the water.