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February 2, 2023

Insurance for boats flagged or registered in the US

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Do you need to insurance US flagged boats?

At Topsail Insurance we are able to arrange insurance for US flagged boats. Whilst there are many US insurance providers that are happy to cover boats in US waters the situation can become trickier should you wish to travel further afield.

Our team would be delighted to offer a bespoke insurance quotation for your US flagged sailing or motor vessel.

Can you go from America to Europe on a Yacht?

Absolutely! Crossing the Atlantic Ocean by Yacht opens the way for those aspiring to reach Europe and looking to explore the beautiful Mediterranean waters, or go exploring further North into the Baltic or Nordic countries. Some US clients love it so much they end up leaving there boats in Europe for years on end.

If it’s your first Atlantic crossing, you’ll need a few weeks of planning and getting the boat ready for the journey ahead.

Do Topsail only insure US flagged boats in Europe?

No, although our main office is in the UK we can offer insurance to cover you in most cruising areas worldwide. We currently have US flagged boats that are in the middle of circumnavigations, transiting the Pacific Ocean or visiting many of the islands in and around Asia. We also have an office in Australia that specialises in providing cover for local waters in Australia and New Zealand if needed.

Whatever your cruising plans, use our easy online quote form to see how we can help.

Can I pay for my boat insurance in the local currency?

Yes, we are able to take payment in the currency that your policy is taken out in, so if you insure your boat in US Dollars we’re able to take payment from you in US Dollars. Equally if you would prefer a GBP policy, that is absolutely fine too.

What sort of information do I need to provide when insuring my US flagged boat?

Our team will need to know the same sort of information for the insurance of US flagged boats that you’re used to supplying to your US providers of insurance.

Typically, we will need the following information about your Yacht:

  • Age of vessel
  • Make and Model
  • Value
  • Your information as Skipper / Owner
  • Previous experience
  • Claims history
  • Cruising itinerary for the coming 12 months

Is Topsail Insurance for US flagged boats cheap?

Why not try us for a comparison quote, as we think you will find our prices both reasonable and competitive.

Why should I use Topsail Insurance for my US flagged vessel and not another UK company?

Topsail have been specialist insurers for US flagged vessels outside of the United States for over 25 years and have provided insurance for tens of thousands of boat owners during this time.

Don’t just take our word for it see what our customers say. Our Google Review score is 4.8 out of 5 (as of January 2023). If you want to read the reviews for yourself, you can here; Topsail Google Reviews.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to our team to discuss your specific requirements when it comes to US flagged boat insurance, get in touch today for a no obligation quote.

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