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September 26, 2022

Get to know our boat insurance optional covers

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At Topsail, we offer a range of optional, additional policies to complement our Boat insurance policies! You’re probably wondering, what do they offer me – are they even worth it? Each optional cover we offer has its own benefits and you might find that one or all of them would be really helpful for you.

Protected No Claims Bonus

You’ll have probably come across this one before – many insurers in different classes offer Protected No Claims Bonus. If you choose to purchase Protected No Claims Bonus, you will be paying an additional sum, to protect against the loss of your NCB. This means that in the event of a claim, you will not lose any NCB you have earnt. And you can continue to take advantage of this reduction in subsequent years.  This can make a huge difference to your premiums, as some insurers offer up to 25% No Claims Bonus!

Excess Waiver

The Excess Waiver optional cover can mean that you do not need to pay your excess in certain circumstances, and insurers will cover the full claim! If you have an excess on your quote that is higher than you had anticipated, this can be a great option to reduce your future potential costs. There are certain circumstances where the excess waiver might not apply though, so you should ensure you read through the details thoroughly.

Legal Expenses

We offer a Legal Expenses product for UK residents. This provides you with access to legal advice and cover for costs and expenses relating to a personal legal dispute. For example, personal injury disputes, or a contract dispute, where there has been a breach of a contract. This could be a really helpful addition and usually comes at a low price!

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