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April 17, 2023

All you need to know about The Cruising Association

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The Cruising Association (CA) is acknowledged as the leading organisation for sailors and motor cruisers with over 6,400 members around the world. Founded in 1908, specifically to meet the needs of the cruising community, the CA has become a haven for many great personalities in sailing and is dedicated to those who enjoy cruising on sailing and motorboats.

Whether you are just starting out and cruising in UK waters or are planning to journey under power along Europe’s Inland Waterways or a seasoned boat owner heading for more distant shores and blue water sailing, the benefits of CA membership are many and varied. The CA is your most valuable, knowledgeable and practical cruising asset, providing a support network, wherever you are.

Well-known names associated with the CA include HRH The Princess Royal and the CA’s Patron, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. Supporters also include Mike Golding, Tom Cunliffe, Jeanne Socrates and Don Street, amongst others.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston:

“Sharing of information has been the lifeblood of the CA since its inception in 1908 and with thousands of members reporting on their experiences, the CA is an invaluable cruising resource and network.”

The CA is at the heart of the world’s cruising community as a leading provider of trustworthy knowledge and information. You will find comprehensive cruising information on the CA website, in CA publications and through the CA community. Fitting out, where to cruise, laying-up, staying in touch, national and international regulations, Cruising Almanac, cruising guides, maintenance, how-to, top tips, crewing service, marine discount partners, London Club House, socials, rallies, events programme and much, much more. The CA’s Regulatory & Technical Services group (RATS) work on behalf of the cruising community to represent their interests and address the regulatory and technical aspects of cruising, both nationally and internationally.

Winner of the ‘British Yachting Awards Equipment Innovation of the Year 2022’, Captain’s Mate is the CA’s exclusive to members cruising app, providing an unrivalled breadth of information and cruising reports covering 7,500+ locations in 100+ countries around the world.

Non-members can discover more about the benefits of membership, read the latest news, sign up for a bite-sized edition of our quarterly ‘Cruising’ magazine and take part in our Autumn/Winter event programme.

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