25 Years of the UK Nimbus Owners Club Foundation
August 2, 2023

25 Years of the UK Nimbus Owners Club Foundation

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The UK Nimbus Owners Club recently got together to celebrate 25 years since its Foundation. Open to people who own, or have owned, motorboats built by Nimbus Boats Sweden, the club originally started with a few owners who happened to meet while cruising in the Solent. Since that time, Nimbus Sweden have become one of the biggest motorboat builders in Northern Europe – the UK Club has expanded with them and now have over 140 boats registered with them.

The Club runs a series of social rallies around the South Coast where members congregate to talk ‘Nimbish’ and share cruising and technical information. Equally important is the Club website which enables all members, wherever they are, to share information and stay connected. There are members from The Netherlands, France and even New Zealand as there appears to be no other Nimbus Owners Clubs (NOC) around the world and the technical information available on the website is in invaluable. Since Covid the Club, like so many organisations, has started to use Zoom to run meetings and talks during the winter months. This has again enabled members from all over the country to feel part of the Nimbus community.

The Club has close links with a number of commercial organisations including us, ‘Topsail Insurance’ who have worked with the Club since early in its life. Topsail has many clients from the NOC who insure with them and receive the benefit of a discount on their premiums, as well as the Club itself receiving a small commission on the renewals. Just as important, is the friendships which have built up between NOC and Topsail staff, who often attend Club functions, all of which enables members to put a face on the otherwise impersonal insurance business.

Since the early days, the Nimbus range of boats has expanded and they are now well known as sturdy, well-engineered cruising boats. Most Club owners have come from sailing yachts and the Nimbus boats are often called the yachtsman’s motorboat. Nimbus as a company continues to expand and thrive and the boats themselves retain a high second-hand value.

The club continues to grow and plans to continue its successful association with Topsail. If you’d like a quotation for your Nimbus vessel contact Topsail today, and be sure to take advantage of the exclusive discount scheme on offer!

A large white boat is in the water.