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We are Topsail Insurance, Brighton-based marine insurance specialists who have insured the UK and the worldwide sailing community with yacht, craft, ship and dinghy travel insurance for nearly 20 years. We are proudly the preferred insurance providers for the prestigious Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) and have an active involvement with the Blue Water Section of The Cruising Association.

Topsail is an insurance agency that specialises in cruising areas worldwide and we insure boats in the UK, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Pacific Regions, South East Asia, Australasia, Antarctic and the North West Passage.

Robert Stevens and Chris McGowan own the company and are backed by a team made up of dedicated employees who are highly knowledgeable in the field of boat insurance and travel insurance and are equipped with top quality customer service experience to understand the needs of our clients.

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    Friday, 19 December 2014

    Are you recently retired and looking for a hobby? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try sailing and just never gotten around to it? Well it’s never too late to get inspired to start something new, and here at Topsail Insurance, we're going to tell you why you should consider sailing.

    Sailing is enjoyed worldwide both recreationally and as a sport, so there's plenty of offer from racing to cruising at leisure. Cruising can range from coastal day sails in local waters to expanding your horizon and taking an extended ocean-crossing trip. As a sport, Sailing became popular in Holland around 400 years ago and was introduced in the UK in around 1660 by King Charles II, shortly after the restoration of the monarchy. Now-a-days Sailing has a huge following and has gradually become more televised and popular with famous British Sailors and yachtsman such as Sir Ben Ainslie and Dame Ellen McArthur being commonly known for their triumphant successes in the sport of Sailing.

    So what makes sailing so good for you? Well, physically it helps to build strength and endurance across various muscle groups, including the arms, shoulders and chest due to the power needed to manoeuvre the boat. In addition to this, it helps develop cognitive strength due to the need to think strategically and tactically to combat the constantly changing conditions that can occur at sea. These are important areas to focus on, especially in later years to ensure you remain physically strong and mentally sharp.

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Our Australian Securities & Investments Commission license is issued today. Topsail Insurance Pty Ltd's Perth, WA office opens 01/01/15!

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