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Working Together to Keep Our Beach Clean

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Working Together to Keep Our Beach Clean

Our recent visit to the beach included the whole Topsail UK team on what was one of the hottest days in October.

Armed with gloves, pickers, bags and a box for sharps, kindly provided by the local council, we hit the beach at Dukes Mound to start our team beach clean.

Walking the width of the beach together the team made their way to Brighton Pier and back collecting all that they could find. Just a few hours and thousands of steps completed resulted in several bags full of rubbish. Collected items included netting, microplastics, cigarette ends and bottle caps.


news handful of rubbish"I was very surprised at how much microplastic waste there was on the beach." Commented Topsail MD Chris McGowan "While at first glance the beach looked clean, on closer inspection there were so many miniscule items of rubbish."

12 million tonnes of rubbish is entering our oceans every year, that is equivalent to one full rubbish truck every day!

Nicknamed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the amount of litter now in the oceans spans 1.6 million square kilometres. 

It did not take long to fill a few bags of rubbish and plastic and prevent it from going into the sea. Together we can do more, use less plastic and recycle. 

The team beach clean was also a fundraising event for Topsail company charity Sail 4 Cancer. You can continue to support Sail4Cancer with by visiting the Topsail Just Giving page, all funds go directly to the charity www.justgiving.com/fundraising/topsail-insurance-fundraising


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