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Monday, 17 November 2014

Sailing Destinations in Europe


Take inspiration for your next sailing voyage by looking at our Wish List of Sailing Destinations right on your doorstep, here in Europe!


Number one on our wish list is Greece; renowned for its island hopping ability Greece has so much to offer with islands big and small dotted around its beautiful mainland. We would start our adventure in the Ionian Sea, to feast our eyes on the greener side of Greece. The Ionian Islands offer something different to typical Greek life.

We'd set sail from Corfu and soak up the abundant culture as we wind our way through the seven main islands – hopefully catching a tan on one of Lefkada's white beaches which are set against vast cliffs and a turquoise blue sea. Paxos is a must have on our wish list; it is the smallest of the Ionian Islands and reachable only by sea, but offers so much to be marvelled at with its untouched natural beauty. If we fancied some adventure, than Ithaca is the place we'd go, with ample opportunity for hiking and biking as well as caving and scuba diving for us to discover its Ancient Greek roots.

If we had plenty of time, we'd take full advantage of all of Greece's magnificent islands and make our way East through the Aegean Sea for even more culture and history set within the wondrous Greek Islands. But wherever you may go in Greece, there is plenty to satisfy all aboard from spectacular landscapes to a foodies heaven, which is why it is top of our wish list. We're sure you will fall in love with all that Greece and the Ionian Islands have to offer!


Next stop on our wish list would see us heading off down South to Portugal, where we'd get to explore the Azores! There is so much to experience in the 9 islands which make up the astoundingly beautiful Azores and we're sure there would be plenty of stories to tell on arrival back home.

From fishing, hiking and biking, to whale watching, paragliding and canyoning, there are activities to suit all. The geography of the Azores allows for breath-taking views; green landscapes and vivid, blue oceans. We'd certainly head over to Pico to take in the sight of the magnificent Volcano of Pico, where you can hike to the top and watch the sun set over the beautiful island – we'd better remember our camera and boots!

Faial, deemed the “blue island”, would be another must have island stop. With big game fishing and whale watching, Faial is set to offer something out of the ordinary. The Hortia Marina, famous for hosting transatlantic regattas, would be an ideal place to stopover and explore the island.

The Azores look set to provide life-long memories, so we'd make sure we'd give ourselves enough time to experience every type of adventure the islands has to offer!


The last destination on our wish list would involve setting sail to Western Norway to explore one of mother natures most wondrous creations. The Norwegian Fjords offer dramatic landscapes in all shades of greens, blues and granites – looking upon sheer, unspoilt beauty as you sail through the tunnel-like carvings of the mountainous terrain. This is a sight we would not grow tired of. We'd begin our journey in Ryfylke, an excellent starting point with its advanced infrastructure and accessibility. The Pulpit Rock would be a definite to visit, with a 6km hiking trail and stunning views at the top as you sit upon a flat, mini-plateau formed more than 10,000 years ago – the view would be truly rewarding!

Setting sail to the major attraction that is Sognefjord would be essential. Known as the longest and deepest Fjord Norway has to offer, Sognefjord is a true representation of this incredible natural phenomenon. The Jostedalsbreen National Park holds an organised walk on Europe's largest mainland glacier; with majestic views as far as the eye can see, we are sure to take in some of the world’s most impressive sights. Whilst in Sognefjord, we'd explore Lusterfjord to experience the 850 year long history of the Urnes Stave Church, with deeply carved animals adorning the incredible craftsmanship of the Viking inspired woodwork. This Stave Church is one of the best preserved of its kind in Norway, and a true representation of Medieval architecture.

So there we have it, our wish list of sailing destinations in Europe, offering everything from majestic scenery, gorgeous sapphire oceans and unforgettable memories. There is nothing better than setting off into the sunset to explore the waters surrounding us here in Europe, so if you plan on doing something similar, ensure peace of mind by purchasing our Yachtsman's Travel Insurance. Our flexible cover will ensure that you can set off with confidence in knowing your travel insurance needs are all taken care of!

We want to hear your wish list of sailing destinations in Europe, so get in touch and we can share your list with others!

Bon Voyage!

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