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Supporting our Company Charity

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Supporting our Company Charity

It was a unanimous vote when we all came together to decide our Company charity for 2018 and it has been a great year being able to fundraise and promote Sail4Cancer.

Just before Christmas we received a wonderful message from Sail4Cancer and the 4 Cancer group telling us what the support and donations mean to the families.

Here at 4 Cancer Group we are celebrating the end of an amazing year, with over 900 people living with cancer and their families taking a respite break courtesy of the charity - that’s a chance to escape from hospitals and treatment, try something new, reconnect with family and friends, relax, rebuild strength and have some real quality time. And it really is thanks to YOU and others like you that we have been able to achieve this record number.

There is a very sad side to these figures however; of the bookings we have made this year, around a third are for families and individuals facing the trauma of a terminal diagnosis - and roughly a third of the families we work with have one or more children taking on a caring role, doing chores and shopping whilst missing out on part of their childhood. We hear so many heart breaking and tragic stories. However our small respite team has the incredible privilege to offer each of these families and individuals the opportunity to make some fabulous memories. They seize these moments with both hands!

Here are just few samples of the masses of wonderful and moving feedback we have received from our beneficiaries this year.

“I cannot stress enough how much more positive we felt after our break. Cancer is debili-tating, affects every part of life and relationships, and can dominate your life to the point that you feel like a prisoner to it. This break freed us from that dominance, and got us smil-ing, laughing and so important, relaxing.” Chris

“I sat and watched the girls laughing and smiling; they too have had a rough couple of years and deserved to get away and forget the reality of life for a few days - no hospitals, no mummy in bed or upset - it was perfect!” Gemma

“After the most awful time of my life 4 Cancer Group has helped me do things I could only dream of.” Thomas (age 15)

“Perfect quality time with my daughters, it gave me a massive emotional lift seeing my girls so happy.” Faye

“I have terminal cancer and have no idea how long I have left. If it wasn't for 4 Cancer Group I would never have been able to afford this break to make memories. Thank you so much” Helen

"A fantastic charity that is supported by so many great people willing to give up what they can to support others. We will be forever grateful for the chance that we were given to get our family together, have a break, relax and take our minds off our son’s treatment. Be-ing able to spend the time together in a clean and open environment left us all feeling calmer, happier and playful.” Dad of Aiden (age 4)

“Me and my mum and sister had lots of fun while spending time together and also meeting new people on the boat.” Yasna (age 15)

“Molly learnt she could do more than she thought she would be able to. Her confidence in the water grew every day. Everything we did, we did together. It was lovely to see the children doing activities together.” Mum of Molly (age 10)

“Without the generosity from your fundraisers and supporters these once in a life time opportuni-ties would not be within the reach of a lot of families, so long may they continue their good work and a big thank you from all of us who benefit.” John

“When you are caught up in such a big thing as child cancer it is difficult sometimes to give yourself those opportunities until they are given to you, it is only then you realise what an im-mense impact they have. So thank you from all of us. You have given us a little bit of normality for a few days - that is truly amazing!” Mum of Will (age 14)

“I really enjoyed the time together as a family especially in the swimming pool just playing with my siblings while Mum watched, she was so very happy.” Bean (age 17)

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