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River Boat Transformed into On Water Eco Home

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

River Boat Transformed into On Water Eco Home

A couple has transformed a 100 year old 140ft boat into an eco-friendly home complete with solar panels, log fires and rain water filters.

The £65,000 boat took three years to refurbish and now Gina and John Dutton live mortgage free with bills of just £20 a month.

The vessel has been turned into a 10-room home with an installed rain water filter, log burners and solar panels on the roof to make it greener and cheaper to run.

The husband and wife previously paid £600 a month towards their three-bedroom bungalow in Anstey, Leicestershire, but now live mortage free.

They further cut down on costs by sourcing much of their furniture and material from charity shops, recycling centres, and even the tip.

All of the water comes from the rain, it is powered by the solar panels and heated by the log burner. It was during a visit to Bideford that Gina and John stumbled upon the boat.

news refurbished eco boat'I had a look around and found a boat that had gone up for sale for £65,000 the day before,' she said. 'It was fate - within a week we had moved in.'

Gina said: 'Despite having a flood last May, due to a hole, which left us up to our waist in water and meant we had to start downstairs all over again, we have loved every second of living here.

'I have learnt to love the crash and bangs from the tide against the boat, it is like being in the belly of a whale.'

She continued: 'We have a little community here, we all stick together and look after each other.

'If there is a problem with our boat, other people who live on the water help us. We never had that living in a house, I didn't even know my neighbours' names.

'It has definitely helped us grow as people and discover new strengths like being able to handle all situations, I'm not bothered by little things such as the electricity running out or the boiler being broken anymore.

'We just fix everything ourselves now or just get on with it and bear the cold.'


Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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