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Record Breaking Challenge Planned for Miss Isle Too

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Record Breaking Challenge Planned for Miss Isle Too

Intrepid adventurer and multi-award winning disabled sailor, Natasha Lambert BEM is taking on another sailing challenge. This time Natasha and Miss Isle Too are taking on a transatlantic crossing, which would make her the first person to undertake crossing the Atlantic Ocean by breath control.

Despite being born with Quadraplegic cerebral palsy, Natasha is one of those individuals who is unwilling to accept the word “can’t”. This tenacity has enabled Natasha to achieve feats which most people would have considered impossible; from sailing the seas of Britain to scaling mountains, she is an unstoppable force! Despite this determination and single mindedness, she still remains very modest about her extraordinary achievements and would invariably consider others before herself.

Natasha has athertoid cerebral palsy which means movement is difficult for her.

She says: “I have always loved the outdoors and love adventure, I have lots of ideas and from nine I started sailing, it has developed a lot over the years with my Dad adapting boats for me and designing a unique system that I control a 6.5m boat myself, both helm and sail trim with a sip-puff system. I have a great team around me to support me and take part in my adventures!”

Plans to cross the Atlantic come after several other sailing journies. Every year since 2012 has seen a new challenge. These have been a way for Natasha to give something back, by raising tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

This inspirational young sailor has sailed around the Isle of Wight, across the English Channel and from Cowes into the heart of London. Natasha has also combined her love of sailing and walking with her Sea & Summitt Challenges where she has sailed along the South coast, in Scotland and to Ireland while scaling Pen Y Fan and Ireland's Kippure.

Natasha's achievements and work to raise awareness for the sip-puff sailing technology has been recognised in her being awarded the coveted Gold Blue Peter Badge, several sports awards and in 2015 she was presented with the British Empire Medal by Major General Martin White.

news natasha lambertMiss Isle too is a Mini 6.50. The Mini 6.50 is very short for its intended use and is beamy being nearly half as wide as it is long. Its width carries to the stern, allowing the craft to plane as a fast motorboat does. Minis typically sail as fast, potentially reaching 25 knots. They have two connected rudders and a narrow steel or iron fin keel with a lead bulb at the end. The mast height is typically twice the Mini’s length. Miss Isle too, as well as helm control, has sail trim operated by 2 Harken electronic winches that are operated by a tiny tongue switch inside the helmet.

In 2017 they added a new Code Zero spinnaker. A versatile furling masthead, code zero can be used in a range of wind conditions to improve the boats performance; it can be sailed upwind in light winds but is also effective when reaching and sailing downwind in breezier conditions.

If you would like more information or to become a sponsor of this world-first record attempt please do get in touch via the contact us page. 

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