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Outstanding Support for Jubilee Sailing Trust

Thursday, 01 February 2018

Outstanding Support for Jubilee Sailing Trust

During 2017 Topsail Insurance announced their company charity, chosen with the help of customers, clients and followers, was to be the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST).

Topsail made the pledge to donate £1 from every yacht or motorboat insurance policy placed during 2017 would go to JST along with funds raised at the annual Topsail Charity Golf Day and other dedicated initiatives throughout the year.

Over £1000 was raised from the ever-popular Topsail Charity Golf Day in September 2017 and further monies raised came from the sale of the brand new Topsail kites and £1 policy donations. This resulted in a fantastic £2,137.00 for JST.

Topsail Director Chris McGowan commented: “It is absolutely fantastic to have been able to support such a well deserving charity over the past year. All team members were asked to put forward ideas for the Topsail annual charity. These were then discussed, narrowed down to most popular within the office and then put out to public vote.

“It is great to have raised such a good sum for Jubilee Sailing Trust and we are all excited to get to work in raising funds for our new charity this year.”

Jubilee Sailing Trust were thrilled to receive the news on how much Topsail had raised for them, saying “On behalf of the Trustees, staff and beneficiaries of The Jubilee Sailing Trust we would like to thank Topsail for their continuing support. Topsail have been an outstanding supported of the JST for many years. The global context of our mission has never been more exciting and we have a tremendous opportunity to play a much more powerful, influential role on a range of inclusion issues, both domestically and further afield.”

The Jubilee Sailing Trust is a world leader in social inclusion, bringing together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to sail as a unified crew on-board two purpose built tall ships – Lord Nelson and Tenacious. The adventure, and inclusive design of the ship, challenges crew to do things that they never thought possible, improving their self-belief, motivation and confidence. The shared experience and teamwork necessary to sail the ship builds mutual respect, trust and creates strong working relationships.

By encouraging crew to work together in this unique environment, our mission promotes inclusion, challenges prejudices, breaks down barriers and empowers our beneficiaries to discover what they can do, rather than what they cannot.


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