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Wednesday, 02 November 2016


While the Topsail team has been celebrating 20 years as a specialist international yacht and motorboat insurance comapny this year, it has also been an opportunity for the company to make some internal changes and upgrade the office tech equipment.

Over the course of a week in September refurbishments took place with the building of a new meeting room and brand new I.T equipment was installed. This has allowed for a professional meeting space to be added to the head office at Brighton Marina, with facilities to be able to skype and hold video conference calls. This is a key upgrade for the team who speak regularly with the Topsail Insurance Australia team in Fremantle.

The new room and facilities has also meant that the Executive team have a dedicated space to use for their presentations, training and course revision.

Senior Account Executive Yacht & Motorboat Accounts, Laura Clothier looks back on the past six months and how the office has transformed: “On a weekly basis I have been giving a presentation to the team to help with my Foundation Insurance Test (FIT), which helps in my preparation for the upcoming exam and also benefits my Continuing Personal Development (CPD).

“It is great to have a designated space for our presentations and meetings. The TV screen has made it much easier for us than writing things by hand on a white board or doing a verbal presentation using notes.”

Image: Before - 29/04/16 & After 26/10/16

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