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Novara’s Expedition to the Antarctic

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Novara’s Expedition to the Antarctic

Topsail customers Steve and Trish Brown and their Dutch built, schooner Bestevaer 60C Novara have sailed thousands of ocean miles together.

Designed and built in Holland, Novara started life as a scientific research vessel made for high latitude cruising with an aluminum construction that is strong, reliable, safe and comfortable.

They have previously sailed to and explored Mexico, Alaska, Tierra del Fuego, the Falkland Islands and have undertaken the North-West Passage, taking a similar route to that of Roald Amundsen onboard Gjoa.

Later this year Steve and a team of seven adventurers are planning another very exciting and challenging four-month trip onboard Novara. Joining yacht owner Mr. Brown is climbing leader Bjørn Riis-Johannessen, experienced sailor and climber Bob Shepton, ski-mountaineer Daniel Harwood, transatlantic sailor Alan Hogg and skilled sailors Alex Jura and Terje Løkken.

The voyage South will leave from the Falkland Islands taking in Cape Horn, the South Georgia Islands and on to the Antarctic Peninsula. The aim is to follow the Shackleton Traverse and to explore the rarely visited Salvesen Range region at the south east of the island.

Once Steve and the team reach the Antarctic Peninsula, they plan to explore the mountain ranges on the Weddell Sea side and then continue south towards 68° 30', to explore the ranges in an area rarely visited by yachts.

To find out all that happens and to follow them on their adventure visit Novara’s blog - www.sy-novara.com 

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