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Nautical Inspired Christmas Gifts

Monday, 28 October 2019

Nautical Inspired Christmas Gifts

Where has the year gone? We can scarcely believe that the festive season is upon us again – it’s almost time to start planning the team Christmas party and pick names out of the hat for Secret Santa! Not to mention decorating the office…

Despite your best intentions, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with ideas, but what better gift for a sailor could there be than something sea inspired?! If the theme works for you but you are still stuck for specific ideas, worry not: we have compiled our wishlist below!

1. Little Harbour Crafts and Gifts 

From unique pebble art to handmade driftwood houses and slogan mugs, Little Harbour provide a wide range of pieces, perfect for your home (or your floating home!)

2. Waterlust Leggings 

Waterlust provide stylish and sustainable leggings inspired by nature and made from recycled plastic bottles! They are designed for all kinds of activities, including sailing, surfing and swimming and they’re stylish too!

3. Beach Décor Shop Personalised Gifts

Can’t get away this winter? Bring the beach home with personalised custom printed artwork! 

4. Sailing Clothes and Accessories

For the more practical among us, you can never go wrong with Musto’s world-leading clothing and gear!

5. Three Voyages Undertaken by Captain James Cook

Retailing at a whopping £22,500 this one may be wishful thinking, but a sailor can dream! 

Of course it is easy to get carried away with material items but it is always worth remembering the true spirit of Christmas, so if none of the above appeal, why not make a donation in your loved ones name to a sailing or conservation charity?


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