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London Boat Show

Tuesday, 06 January 2015

Friday 9th January - Sunday 18th January 2015

London Boat Show

There will be a showcase of the latest and most exciting technology in the boating world with action-packed, unique experiences for all. The CMW FX event looks sure not to disappoint - whether you’re a sailing veteran, a novice or just looking for a great day out.

This year’s show promises plenty of exciting attractions, excellent brands and some famous faces – most notably Ben Ainslie and his racing team. They will have an interactive stand showcasing what will be on offer at their new headquarters in Portsmouth, and what better opportunity to get excited about the 35th America’s Cup than to see the team in person.

You’ll see sophisticated technology from the second you arrive at the London Boat Show, with a ‘Control the Rain’ exhibition at the entrance. This unique experience uses ultra-sensitive sensors to detect body movement, which mean you control the rain just by moving. You can cause a drizzle to a downpour and everything in between – let’s hope you don’t get too wet!

Other highlights of the event look to be the 4D experience which will challenge your senses as you walk through a variety of nautical scenes – from the tropics to the artic, this 4D experience plays on all of your senses with HD visuals, sampled sounds and controlled fans to give you a sea breeze. Look out for the Northern Lights visuals to give you a taste of this incredible phenomenon.

Whether you’re at the Boat Show with the intention of buying, or just fancy perusing a wide selection of exceptional yachts and motorboats, then be sure to find the several boardwalks dotted around the event. The boardwalks are designed to look just like a marina (but without the water!) and you’ll be able to find brands such as Viking Boats, Haines Marina, Moody Yacht, J Boats and many more.

As for those seeking a new adventure, make sure you check out the BMF project “On The Water” with their Watersports Pool, equipped to help you learn or improve your Watersports skills with a free 20 minute taster session, bookable at the Rockley booking point – this is one for kids and adults alike.

Tickets can be bought online via the London Boat Show website.


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