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Lobster Pots and Small Craft Safety – time to change the rules!

Wednesday, 07 March 2018

Lobster Pots and Small Craft Safety – time to change the rules!

Fantastic news for the Cruising Association (CA) who have reached the first target of gaining 10,000 signatures for their lobster pot petition to Government.

The CA’s lobster pot petition deadline is 12 March and as of today (Wednesday 7 March 2018) they have reached 10,305 signatures which places an obligation on the Government to give a written response.

The petition urges the Minister of State (DEFRA) to improve the way static fishing gear is marked for the safety of all small craft at sea. The current, voluntary, guidance is not adequate. It asks for DEFRA to seeks views regarding enforceable regulation among other options.

The efforts of the CA and all of the signatures will help to establish the campaign as one that can't be ignored, so if you haven’t signed yet, there is still time and it will all help, please do so now >>>

The CA believes that constructive consultation is the most likely avenue to finding an acceptable solution & the CA has been able to forge good relations with interested parties from government agencies & safety organisations to representatives of fishermen themselves. Whatever the outcome of the petition, our campaign will go on. Please continue reporting incidents to us and filling in the RYA form.

Follow the progress of the Cruising Association campaign here > and watch the video, below.

Topsail Insurance is a partnership organisation of the Cruising Association, the UK's largest Yacht association. To find out more please visit the dedicated page here >>>


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