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Laying your boat up over the Winter

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Laying your boat up over the Winter

1. Give your engine some TLC – conduct overall cleaning and observation of your engine to find areas that need some attention. Use a camera or mirror on a stick to help you see behind those tough areas. Prevent corrosion by ensuring you have dried the bilges thoroughly.

2. Fill your tank! - Making sure your tank is full can help prevent condensation occurring, which in turn will prevent the growth of diesel bug.

3. Check your cover – if you've found that come Spring time when de-winterising your boat you've found dry rot, mould and excessive corrosion, it could be because of your cover. Make sure your cover allows air to circulate, whilst keeping your boat dry, to prevent condensation.

4. Have a good clean out – before tucking you boat to sleep for the winter, make sure you remove all foodstuff that could be damaged by the cold, and remember to keep the fridge and all cupboard doors open to stop mould forming. Take out all clothing, blankets, linen etc. and store on-shore, washed and dried ready for the next season.

5. Batteries out – if you can, remove all batteries and keep them somewhere warm and dry over the winter period, remembering to top up their charge every 4-6 weeks so as to not have to replace run down batteries. If it's not possible to remove batteries, make sure they are fully charged and regularly top them up – a full battery is less likely to freeze!

Use these handy tips and you'll be thanking yourself come Spring! Remember to keep track of all the winterising activities you have performed on your boat so that you have a note of what to reverse when you take your boat out of hibernation.



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