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JST Emergency Appeal

Friday, 05 July 2019

JST Emergency Appeal

The Jubilee Sailing Trust announced on Monday that they are likely to be forced to cease all activities from Friday 5th July, if they cannot raise £1,000,000. 


Having provided almost 50,000 Tall Ships trips in the last 40 years, this would most definitely be a devastating hit to the Sailing Community and here at Topsail we are keen to get the word out and try and ensure this does not happen. 

So, who are the Jubilee Sailing Trust? 

The JST are a Southampton-based charity who provide Tall Ships sailing adventures to people of all different abilities. The vessels, Tenacious and Lord Nelson, were designed and created to be 100% accessible for everyone and can accommodate people with a wide range of impairments and health conditions; for instance, both ships have wheelchair lifts to enable everyone to go aloft, speaking compasses, and adapted equipment at the helm. 

As you will know, everyone will face a huge challenge at some stage of their life and for some people, this can be particularly challenging and can even lead to strong feelings of isolation and insecurity. The JST enables people to be liberated from these feelings by ensuring that the playing field is even for absolutely everyone, and that people discover the similarities and strengths that they share with others, regardless of ability. 

Why has this happened? 

This situation has come about because the Tall Ships owned by JST, Tenacious and Lord Nelson, have had a number of serious mechanical problems in the past 12 months; in addition, there was also a poor uptake of the winter sailing program for 2018 unfortunately. 

What can you do to help? 

You can make a donation below via JustGiving, and you can also use the buttons below to share on Facebook and Twitter – the more people that are aware of the campaign the better!


The Jubilee Sailing trust have advised that all funds received will be placed in a ring-fenced account and will not be utilised until a final decision about the Trust’s viability is made by the Trustees at a meeting on Monday July 8th. All funds received by close of business on Friday July 5th will be considered in their decision making.


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