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Thursday, 26 September 2019


Have you heard of the Insurance Museum Initiative (“I’m In”)? 


The Insurance Museum Initiative are looking to create a dedicated facility based in the City of London that will tell the story of insurance from the ancients to the present day, through to the future of risk transfer.

The visitor venue will offer free admission and will be located in London. The museum will aim to deliver a high value experience, designed to engage all audiences. Exhibits in their 'explained' context could vary from a firetruck, to an earthquake zone, to a feature exhibit on space-travel or self driving cars. An historically themed coffee shop would encourage valuable 'dwell' time and meerkat merchandise could sell in the shop.

The feature will aim to capture the spirit of insurance by demonstrating what it enables and how the industry has evolved, and educating people in order to raise awareness of the profession and build public relations. 

The idea is in its early stages at the moment and is looking for pledges. Topsail are fully in favour of the endeavour and we have pledged our support – phase one requires an initial £3 million to get started!

To find out more and add your support to get the idea off the ground by visiting the website below.



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