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Deadline Approaching for Greek Cruising Tax

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Deadline Approaching for Greek Cruising Tax

The Greek Cruising Tax known as TEPAH will be implemented on Tuesday 2nd April 2019. After three years of changes and postponement TEPAH will apply to boat owners of all nationalities to make the first payment.

The Cruising Association (CA) has been working tirelessly on the Greek Cruising Tax and updates us now as we approach the April deadline. 

If you are cruising to or already based in Greece you will need to go to the Port Police by the 2nd of April to fill in all the forms. You have the choice to put your yacht “Out of Use”, or pay the tax.

To pay the tax you will need to follow the Port Police instructions normally requiring a visit to a local bank. You will get a receipt and return to complete the forms with the Port Police. The latest date for payment on yachts present on 2nd April in Greece is April 10th.

If you are not in Greece and not going back any time soon, you will need to engage the services of an agent, supplying him with a letter of authorisation. Technically, this should be Notarised by a Greek Notary, but they may turn a blind eye here. Some marinas may offer this service but may have to charge as it will be a full time job for someone.

Others whose documents have expired (SSR lasts only 4 years) or are in the UK, or perhaps the yacht is locked up without access to it, will have a major problem is complying.

The Law states that fines will be levied of 10 times the monthly rate of tax. The CA does not yet know if defaulters will be charged or not. Many people have no knowledge of the existence of the tax. Others will be unable to pay.

The Cruising Association has made strong representations to all parties, and currently has lodged a complaint with the EU Commission requesting them to investigate and delay the tax. Our Embassy in Greece has been informed and we are requesting their help in delaying the start date until the on-line system is ready.

Definition: What is TEPAH? 

EU flagged boats over 7m LOA will be issued with a 'Private Pleasure Maritime Document' this is known as a DEKPA, from its Greek initials. 

Non-EU flagged boats can be temporarily imported into the EU without VAT being paid.

In the case of private pleasure craft, the owner or the owner or its user. The TEPAH (in Greek Τέλος Πλοίων Αναψυχής και Ημερόπλοιων) is paid for each month of stay in Greek territorial waters. The payment is made before the beginning of the month for which the fee is due and may also cover more than one month.

The TEPAH tax is different from the permit to cruise (DEKPA or Transit Log, from its Greek initials ΔΕΚΠΑ) which is already in force and must still be renewed or re-stamped each year.


Click here for the online TEPAH registration and payment form >>>


Thanks go out to the Cruising Association for their continued work and efforts to bring cruisers and us all the correct information regarding this specific tax regulation. 


Photo credit: Practical Boat Owner

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