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Are you following Topsail’s Social Media accounts?

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Are you following Topsail’s Social Media accounts?

At Topsail we currently run 3 social media accounts and find them a great way of keeping clients, associates, colleagues and friends up to date with any important information, news, promotions and musings.

‘Social Media’ is the collective term for online communications channels such as websites and apps that rely on sharing, posting, interaction, collaboration and community based input. These can be in various different forms such as social networking, forums and microblogging – All of which allow users to create/share content and participate in social networking. Link Humans research tells us that of the 7.2 billion people on earth, 3 billion have Internet access; 2.1 billion are active on social media and the average social media user maintains five accounts!

Facebook -  www.facebook.com/Topsail.Insurance.Ltd
Facebook is a one of the most popular social networking websites. It is free and you must be a registered user in order to create a profile, update your status, upload photos or videos, send messages and keep in touch with all your Facebook friends. We have a Facebook Business Page, which once you click to ‘like’ the page, means you will be subscribed to our updates, be able to comment on our posts, send messages and even review our service and products.

Twitter – www.twitter.com/TOPSAILins
Twitter is a microblogging service, which is again free and allows registered users to posts ‘Tweets’ of up to 140 characters. We often use Twitter to broadcast links to relevant web pages, news articles or even pages within our website. Again you can upload photos and videos, share your location, or even run a poll!

Instagram is a mobile photo/video sharing and social networking platform that allows registered users to take and upload pictures or videos to be shared either publicly or privately; as well as through a variety of other social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We like to posts pictures of what we are doing and where we have been.

If you are on any of the above mentioned social networks please follow us, like us, share our posts, like our pictures or even retweet our tweets, it would be great to hear from you!

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