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Sailing with the Jubilee Sailing Trust

Jubilee Sailing Trust Travel Insurance is designed for those able bodied and disabled voyage crews sailing on board TS Lord Nelson and TS Tenacious. The travel policy is specifically designed to cover you offshore and for all the activities you participate in whilst on board, including climbing the rigging. Topsail Insurance Tall Ships Travel policy also covers your travel to and from the ship and extends to include any pre-existing disabilities as standard.

  • yachtmans-single-pricesJubilee Sailing Trust – Single Trip Voyage Policy

    Apply for a single trip policy if you are sailing as a crew on board Lord Nelson or Tenacious

    This policy covers you for each published voyage period. If you are travelling on more than one consecutive voyage or your trip extends to more than 3 days either side of voyage dates (e.g. for holiday) then please contact the office on
    +44 (0) 1273 573 725.


    • Maximum 30 days away any one trip
    • Cancellation £/€ 3,000
    • Medical and repatriation £/€ 5,000,000
    • Baggage and personal belongings £/€ 1,500
    • Personal Accident £/€ 20,000
  • Jubilee Sailing Trust - Sail the World

    If you have an STW voyage code then Topsail Insurance have especially developed for Lord Nelson’s Sail the World Adventure a travel policy that covers you sailing on legs of the World voyage and provides higher cancellation limits so that you are adequately protected if you need to unexpectedly cancel your trip.

    Your insurance premium covers the period of one voyage with three days either side for travelling. It does not include any holiday or leisure trips outside of this period. (please contact the office if this is required).

    We bring to your attention that there is an additional 5% co-insurance excess that will apply to all cancellation claims based on the published voyage fee.

    Sail the World Voyage Schedule and Travel Insurance Premium
    Please note the standard premium is doubled for adults aged 71 years and over at time of booking the insurance.

    Voyage From To Start Finish Duration of Trip Premium £ incl. tax  
    STW6 Auckland (New Zealand) Ushuaia (Argentina) 15/12/2013 12/02/2014 60 200 Apply
    STW7 Ushuaia (Argentina) Buenos Aires (Argentina) 13/03/2014 06/04/2014 25 95 Apply
    STW8 A Buenos Aires (Argentina) Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 19/04/2014 09/05/2014 21 70 Apply
    STW8 B Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 10/05/2014 23/05/2014 14 45 Apply
    STW8 C Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Recife (Brazil) 27/05/2014 12/06/2014 17 55 Apply
    STW9 Recife (Brazil) Halifax (Canada) 18/06/2014 01/08/2014 45 120 Apply
    STW10 Halifax (Canada) Southampton (UK) 14/08/2014 20/09/2014 38 125 Apply
    STW24 Nelson Auckland 18/11/2013 27/11/2013 10 £70 Apply
    STW25 Auckland Auckland 28/11/2013 06/12/2013 9 £65 Apply
    STW26 Ushuaia (Argentina) Ushuaia (Argentina) 16/02/2014 12/03/2014 25 £250 Apply
    STW27 Buenos Aires (Argentina) Buenos Aires (Argentina) 09/04/2014 15/04/2014 7 £60 Apply
    STW28 Halifax (Canada) Halifax (Canada) 04/08/2014 10/08/2014 7 £60 Apply


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