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    Airbnb Host Boat Insurance

Airbnb Significant qualifying Criteria

  • Topsail’s Host Boat Insurance can only be bought in conjunction with Topsail’s Yacht and Motor Boat policy and is not available as a stand alone product.
  • Offer of insurance is subject to underwriting criteria
  • Host Boat Insurance is not available for permanently moored vessels
  • Clear written instructions must be provided to the Guest(s) that under no circumstances the vessel is to be moved from its place of mooring or fixed location other than in an emergency which requires the vessel to be moved.
  • The vessel must be inspected by you or a competent representative to determine whether there are any physical losses or damages to any property and notify Us and Airbnb of such losses or damages within the earlier of (i) fourteen (14) days following the date of termination of the Responsible Guest’s booking or (ii) the date by which the next subsequent booking begins.
  • All safety certificates, including Fire, Electrical and Gas must be current and valid.
  • You are reminded that theft of belongings is covered only if taken by force from a locked vessel cabin or locker i.e. this insurance will not cover Guest(s) on board pilfering.
  • There are additional cover restrictions and we recommend that you read the full Host Boat extension which can be found here which clearly sets out the exclusions and restrictions to the Policy when Guests are on board.
  • We also recommend that you read the Topsail Yacht Policy Wording
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